Woman Saw This Dog And Saved Him

When this woman saw this sad senior dog’s photo on Facebook, she dropped everything to go and save him!

When Christina Morgan, a kind hearted woman saw a Facebook post about Jaripo, a senior doggie that was supposed to be put down, she knew she had to save him. “I saw that this little soul was breaking the Internet,” Morgan says. “No one was really taking any action, and that is a high-kill shelter.  So I just said to myself, ‘To hell with it,’” the woman recalls.

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“It was pouring rain. My husband’s like, ‘Are you nuts?`”. But the next moment she was already in the car, driving a 2 hour ride as fast as she could just to meet Jaripo. The tension was increasing even more when she phoned the shelter and the staff told they could not guarantee that the dog would be there. Morgan remembers: “They said, ‘If the dog needs to be put to sleep, we will do that’. And so the woman drove faster, managing to get there just in time before it is too late for him.

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Morgan took Jaripo straight to the vet, as the dog`s previous owners says he had a terminal illness. The dog’s blood tests came back and, apart from some pain in his spine and hips due to his age, it turns out that Jaripo was actually healthy.

This woman saw in his eyes that he still was not giving up on life. She saved him and gave him a loving home!

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Morgan took Jaripo to the Paw Works, her animal rescue from which he went to a loving foster family. There, he will enjoy the rest of his life. What she did was just amazing and so kind. “He is a happy camper now,” says Morgan. I mean, just look at that adorable smile. Thanks to her he got another chance.

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