Wondering If Cats Can Actually See “Ghosts”, Here Is The Truth

If you are one of many people out there wondering if cats can really see “ghosts”, here is the real truth about that matter!

If you are familiar with cats at all, then you are probably wondering if cats may have a particular ability to, well, sense things, even the paranormal. You might have even thought that A) cats are crazy B) ghosts exist C) you are crazy or D) all of the above. So, why do cats sometimes stare at a particular, seemingly random, point in space?

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“When kitties appear to be staring into space, they may actually be detecting some subtle motion. Their vision is much more acute than ours,”  says veterinarian Rachel Barrack, of Animal Acupuncture.

A 2014 study suggested that both cats and dogs actually see some spectrums of light that we do not, like ultraviolet (UV) light. But the reason dogs don not seem to go quite as nuts for apparently nothing at all can be explained by the natural personalities of cats, according to Barrack.

“Cats, unlike dogs or any other animals, are more curious by nature,” Barrack says. “This could possibly explain their sometimes erratic behavior”.

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Compared to the human eyes, cat eyes actually have 6 to 8 times as many light-sensing rods, which means they can see more in very low light. “I feel I should first state that I don not personally believe in ghosts,” says Katie Armour. She is a project coordinator for the MSPCA Boston Adoption Center. “I do however believe that cats have really remarkable capabilities, and we know that their senses are worlds stronger than our own”.

Armour sometimes observes her own kitty watching something on or “seemingly beyond”  a blank wall or a dark corner. “Not only are they capable of seeing and also hearing things that I cannot, they have marvelous brains that work in ways that we don not fully understand yet,” Armour said. “When a cat is watching something that does not seem to be there, or if they call out to us about this perceived presence, we should respect that not only are they trying to figure this something out, but they are wondering if the situation is safe”.

At times, your kitty might suddenly be staring not at “ghosts” but at you actually, which can be a little disconcerting. “If your cat is staring at you, owners are often encouraged to slowly move or maybe even blink to send the message that you are not a threat,” Barrack says. “But chances are, it is most likely out of love”.

source: www.thedodo.com

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