Wounded Elephant Came To Locals To Ask For Help After Being Shot By Poachers

A wounded elephant appears to plead for some help from the locals after being shot in the head by poachers!

A wounded elephant came to seek out help from humans after he was shot by poachers. A bull elephant, approached humans to help him get better. He was struggling with his wound for a while now. On the photographs, the wounded elephant looks that he is really seeking assistance from humans.

wounded elephant 22

Elephants are really one of the smartest animals in the natural world. That is not just because of their prodigious memory, but also because of their problem solving skills. Still, doctors in Zimbabwe could not believe it when an elephant Pretty Boy approached them out of the blue one day, seemingly asking for some help.

wounded elephant 5

Right away, they realized that he had a serious head wound from a botched kill shot from some poacher. It also seemed like he was suffering from this injury for some time now and was really desperate to find someone who could help him get better. They knew that they had to act really fast or else Pretty Boy would lose his life. So they got right to work to turn his plea for help into a miraculous rescue and they did.

wounded elephant 3

The elephant had a big hole in his head. If the bullet went just 5 cm above he would dies for sure, vets say. X-rays show how the bullet entered around 5 cm away from where it eventually became stuck under his thick skin. Vets  also removed fragments of broken skull bones from underneath his skin as they gave him treatment. Thankfully, he is alright now.

Hopefully, in the future, Pretty Boy will be able to avoid these sorts of monsters who would do this sorts of things. At least he knows where he should go to get help if he needs it! We wish him all the best in the future!


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