Young Boy Does Something Really Unbelievable To Save A Cat A Cruel Person Threw Out Of The Window On A Highway

A young boy saved a cat`s life after he witnessed a cruel person throwing out a cat out of the window on a highway!

Everyone loves to hear a good animal rescue story, but Lucky’s and Gavin’s story really tops them all. This story really brings tears to the eyes! What could ended as a tragic instance of animal cruelty ended as a really heartwarming story of compassion, kindness and friendship instead. This young boy did something really heroic and risk his own life to save a cat`s life!

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Erin Brown was driving her 14 year old son, Gavin, to a birthday party when they witnessed a horror. They were riding on a busy overpass. Suddenly a moving vehicle ahead of them just threw a cat out of the window. Erin quickly slammed on the brakes, and when she did, her young boy Gavin jumped from the vehicle and proceeded to signal to oncoming traffic to stop. According to Erin, the poor injured cat was scrambling all over the busy highway, trying to get a grip on the pavement. When he finally did, he ran straight to the edge of the overpass, and was planning to jump off. Gavin, having slowed traffic a bit, ran after the poor cat and caught him right as he leaped from the bridge.

“I am still not really sure which I am in more shock of, that someone actually threw a cat out of a window of a moving vehicle on 196 or my son flying out of my car onto the highway and diving into an overpass to rescue it,” Erin says.

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Fortunately for all of them, it all ended well. The cat cuddled up to Gavin and clung to him for his dear life!  He inherently knew that Gavin will keep him safe and will not let anyone hurt him again!

They immediately took Lucky (the cat` new name) to the BluePearl Animal Hospital to treat his injuries. The poor kitty lost all of his nails from trying to grip the pavement. He also got some medication to relieve the pain. All the while Lucky was receiving care, Gavin stayed by his side. He was emotionally distraught over the whole incident and wanted nothing more than to see his new friend get better.

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Having heard about the young boy and the poor cat, a good samaritan paid for a majority of Lucky’s medical expenses. Touched by his kindness, Gavin actually began to cry. He also spend what little money he had to contribute to the final bill.

Lucky is recovering wonderfully at his new home and slowly is starting to get over that terrible trauma. “Lucky is really the sweetest cat I have ever saw! He is really so mellow and playful too and just plain lovable,” gushes Erin. “Lucky is actually well aware that Gavin saved him and their bond is one I just can not describe”.


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