Young Man Hears Someone Crying From Vacant Lot And Then Spots The Saddest Face Looking At Him

Young man heard someone crying from a vacant lot. When he went to check it out he found the saddest little dog stuck begging for help!

A young man from Texas became a hero after he responded to a sweet dog’s cry for help. Now, the lucky yellow Labrador dog named Rocky has, as his rescuer puts it, “a second chance at being a good boy”. We all know that dogs are incredibly sweet creatures, but that they are also very good at getting themselves into trouble. Every now and then, a puppy will wander away from home and then end up in a scary situation.  Last winter, a dog almost got frozen in an icy pond before a kind pesron stepped in to help. Lots of other dogs get stuck and trapped in frightening predicaments, and then need a hand in getting free. That is exactly what happened to poor Rocky, the yellow Lab. He ran away from home and then ended up in very bad shape.

Fortunately, his hero came along just in the nick of time to save the day and help out this sweet dog! Check out their story!

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The young man, David Chavez rescued a sweet Labrador puppy Rocky. He saved him from a terrifying and dangerous situation that he describes as a “death trap”. “I heard whimpering on a vacant lot off and on coming from the vacant lot next to where I actually work”, he says. “After a few hours, I just had to find out what was back there”. He jumped the fence and started to investigate and then came across a dog neck deep in an oil sump.

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The poor puppy was a sorry sight and he was barely able to keep his head above the water. David immediately started working to save this dog from that death trap.

He explains “after waiting for 30 minutes for backup from a coworker, we started to brainstorm a way to get him out of there. A ramp did not work so we worked a strap under the his front legs. We used all the muscle we had to pull out the big wet dog out of there”.

David and his coworker quickly wrapped the dog in a towel to try to keep him warm until professional help came. They also gave him some clean water to drink. The skinny puppy was really thirsty and hungry too.

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The vets came and took the dog with them. Then, one of the vets scanned for a tracking chip, trying to figure out if anyone was missing this very brave boy. They ended up discovering that the yellow Lab was named Rocky, and he actually ran away. His family was searching for him for two weeks, every since he ran off. They were reunited once again, all thanks to this kind young man!


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  • April 9, 2017 at 7:08 am

    Thank you kind Sir, Respect ! I am so happy for the little dog and family. And you. its so lovely to see someone being kind to animals instead of abusing them. xxxxx 🙂 <3 <3

  • April 9, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    God bless u Mr.david for helping this lovely puppy..feeling really happy n kind to see humanity still exist for animals..

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