Zebra Lost Her Mother, But Now She Is So Happy Again

A zebra lost her mommy, but now, once again she is smiling! She has a new family and can`t be more happy about it! Just look at her lovely smile!

Zebra Nguila had a really rough start of her life. She lost her mommy when she was very young. Poachers killed her mother for meat, and she was all alone in the world. But then her luck changed. Rescuers from David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) in Kenya heard about her, saved her and changed her life.

zebra 2

This photo dates from January of 2014, when Ngulia was so small that she was bottle-fed. Rescuers brought Ngulia to the DSWT orphanage, where many orphaned elephants and also rhinos grow up and learn how to live in the wild once again.

But it is not only elephants and rhinos who can live in this orphanage! 

zebra 3

“While we might be famous for our work to rescue orphaned elephants and rhinos, we will rescue any milk dependent orphaned wild animal that needs our assistance, including zebra, eland, kudu, buffalo, oryx and even a hippo too,” says Amie Alden, spokesperson for DSWT.

zebra 4

Like the orphaned elephants and rhinos, these other baby animals we rescue with the aim of reintegrating them back into the wild when they grow up. When Ngulia came here, she met the people and the animals too who would become her new family for the next few years.

zebra 5

Another male orphan zebra Lualeni took her under the wing and helped her a lot. Lualeni went back to the wild, but she still lives nearby. As the days and months past, Ngulia grew,  and she started following in the hoof-steps of her friend Lualeni. She took on a leadership role among her group of friends, which include elands, a buffalo and also a hippo.

zebra 6

“To see her maternal instinct as she cares for her motley herd is really sweet,” Alden says. Now, Ngulia spends her days enjoying with her new family. She is gradually learning how to live in the wild again and when she is ready she will go back.

Ngulia did not have the best start in her life, but now that she is all safe, and she is all smiles. Soon she will go back into the wild but she will still stay friends with her little group.

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