Zeus, The Stubborn Husky (FUNNY VIDEO)

Zeus is one stubborn dog. He is complaining and arguing with her owner all the time. Obviously, he does not care what she says. Zeus does what he wants to do. That is why he earns the title of the “Stubbornest Dog Ever”


Zeus is one beautiful husky dog. He has a loving family and all the love and care in the world. He has another brother also, but from another mother. But all of this does not stop him to be spoiled and stubborn as he is. He gets it his way no matter what. Here are some videos of him arguing and being very stubborn especially when it is time for a walk.

Here is a video of one extremely stubborn husky called Zeus. His owner is trying to get Zeus out for a walk but he does not even want to hear it. He also keeps talking back to her even though that we do not understand him it is very obvious that he is not going anywhere. Even the other dog approaches him in hope that he will stand up, but nope this is one really stubborn Husky.

Check out this video of one really stubborn Husky refusing to go for a walk outside!

Here is a video of Zeus lying in the bathtub and once again arguing with his mommy. No matter what she says he is not getting out. He wants her to turn on the water and she wants to take him outside for a walk. Their “conversation” is really hilarious and the worst thing is that he is going to win this argument and get what he wants.

Check out this video of  Zeus arguing with his owner and refusing to get out of the bathtub!

Next is a follow up video of Zeus actually getting what he wanted all along and that is for her to turn on the water so he can play in the bathtub. He is adorable but is very, very spoiled and stubborn. He really does not care what anyone says, what he wants he will get. We find him to be quite cute.

Here is video of a follow up video of Zeus in the bathtub arguing !

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